Run a Business Without Social Media

We use social media platforms for business purposes (and OK the occasional funny animal video), but given the chance we’d be off it like a shot. It’s probably obvious why we don’t want to use it, but if you’re in any doubt, these are our reasons:

tax return

Tax Return: Are Your Goals Getting in the Way of it?

Have you struggled with the dread, boredom and frustration of completing your tax return? Have you struggled to stay focused, or to gather up all the information you needed?

We can help you to understand yourself better in order to see why you are making life so much harder for yourself. Use this information to make next years tax return a doddle! Don't keep repeating the same old negative behaviours.

We are able to share with your our experiential wisdom, processes, tools, software programs and accountability to take your life forward

We will sometimes be drawn into reaction. This is OK. It’s an opportunity for us to recognise an area for growth within ourselves. From the awareness we gain through paying attention in this way, we can choose to take a more balanced approach to life. Less chaos. More order. With space created for imagination and intuition.