Beyond the Law of Attraction

Have you exhausted your law of attraction journey, are you ready to step up and create your real life, to live your real purpose, to expand and grow your business beyond egoic ‘wants’

Are you ready to start working with clients that are going to actually make a real contribution to the world, people that are committed to unfolding their purpose, not to simply manifesting a nice house, car and luxury holidays?

If you are ready to be fulfilled, vital, radiant and a positive force in the world? Contact us to take you, your business and all your clients to the next level of development.

Our work supports people in learning what they came here to learn, to build what they came here to build, to develop wisdom and understanding, connected to strong foundations. Our work is a journey of initiation through business, it’s going to be challenging, growth inducing and uncomfortable. We encourage you to face up to reality and that all your choices are not solely up to you. We provide tools to support you in staying centred through the effects of providence, to continually let go of empty desires, further align with your own unique purpose and achieve total fulfilment.