Run a Business Without Social Media

We use social media platforms for business purposes (and OK the occasional funny animal video), but given the chance we’d be off it like a shot. It’s probably obvious why we don’t want to use it, but if you’re in any doubt, these are our reasons:

Research shows regular use of social media has detrimental effects on us socially, increases feelings of sadness and depression, as well as creating social isolation. As businesses we suffer with something known as “False Broadcasting” – where we get caught up in the idea that social media marketing will help, even though it sparsely does.

When we rely on it for our marketing, we end up glued to our screens, constantly responding to messages to keep  our ‘rapid response rating’, our lives seemingly being dictated to by keeping up to date with all the various advertising hacks and latest social media marketing courses. Imagine looking back at your life on your death bed and thinking about all those hours you spent imprisoned by social media, responding to non-sense time wasting messages and  following fruitless paths in an attempt to build a successful business.

But it get’s even worse, social media shrinks our awareness, through the way it uses algorithms to have us fooled into thinking everyone thinks the same as us and shares the same values. A term used to describe this is ‘hypernormalisation’ and it’s a very worrying emerging trend. When people think that everyone is the same as them, they stop thinking outside the box, they stop trying to understand the world and those around them. This is bad news for our social and business development. We are regressing instead of moving forward.

The problem is that despite us wanting to get off social media, there was no reliable method that fitted the bill for our business marketing. So we’ve had to create one.

We did a little digging and we found that word of mouth referrals are the most trusted form of marketing. When surveyed, 92% of people say they trust the recommendations of friends and family (Nielsen’s Global Trust Advertising). We also discovered that there are around 7million people in the UK alone between the ages of 18 and 65, who choose not to use  social media. These people can only be reached by word of mouth or traditional published marketing.

Word of mouth sounds great, but how do we make that happen?

First of all, we must commit ourselves to our own personal growth and development. We are our business, our business is us. The more we personally grow and develop, the more our business will grow and develop.

Next, we must focus on getting clear on who we are and what we are uniquely placed to offer the world, based on all of our life experience, our skills, our aptitudes and interests. WE ALL HAVE A UNIQUE PLACE IN THE WORLD – EVERY SINGLE ONE OF US.

As long as we are focused on creating great value, providing a unique offering that only we can provide, our offerings will improve, along with their value market desirability.

But where do the referrals come from?

Well you need to be talking to people of course, preferably as LIVE as possible.

Get out there in your community. Meet people. Join networking groups.

And here’s where I pitch you an idea that I believe will change your business and life dramatically. It is a unique idea, that is TOTALLY DIFFERENT to anything currently available.

The team and I at Entrepreneur Accelerator Network are launching a new service. A global, virtual business network  outside of social media, for those who are committed to their own growth.

What makes our network unique?

We will only be incorporating people into our network that are committed to personal and therefore business development. The businesses that we include must be based on offering real value, NO PYRAMID MARKETERS or any kind of fad will be found in our network. We are looking for people who live to align/ are aligned with purpose.

We are designing a solid referrals system that will enable you to gain new leads every single week. For those who can show the required commitment to themselves, it will shine through and inspire those you meet. The more you work on improving yourself, the better your business becomes because others will become more responsive to the unique services or products you have to offer.

Don’t get us wrong, this is new to us, it’s an experiment and it’s a risk, but we believe it will pay off hugely! We don’t want to make it open to everyone, because we need the right quality candidates. We want our space to be filled with people dedicated to serving one another at the highest level of our current potential, through every member doing what they uniquely do and doing it to their highest capacity.

We will be launching our network in March and we will be limiting our recruitment to 100 people, to ensure we can effectively interview, work with and establish the network effectively.  We also want to ensure we can meet in person at regular intervals and smaller numbers will make this easier initially.

Because this is an experiment we thought that £200 for a 12 month membership sounded reasonable. With everyone being so fed up with social media and wanting viable good quality alternatives, we envisage that this will take off big style. We don’t know how much we will be able to grow our network, so if this inspires you and you like to innovate and be amongst the first to set new trends, jump on board before we are full up!

The intention is a well earned return on your investment. However, we cannot guarantee that for you. All we can promise as this stage is that we will be working hard behind the scenes to create a viable alternative to social media and improve the quality of life for people running their own purpose driven businesses.

So this is an invitation to join an exciting new venture. Together we can create something much greater than we could apart.

If you want to start making the healthy choice of leaving social media, whilst growing a business like no other , book in a 15 minute chat with the team today, express your interest to be considered for one of those 100 spaces.

Remember we will only be accepting those folks who we believe are committed to their own development and offering a purposeful business service or product. No pyramid marketing schemes, or any non-unique business will be accepted – we want people who are their business and their business is them!

If you think that may be you, you can book your 15 minute chat here:

P.S. If you know anyone who has already left Facebook and may be interested, ask them to email us at